The Cowan Simulation
MSFS 500E Project

MSFS 500E v1.0.2 – 04/28/2023

If something you requested or reported was not fixed or added then don’t worry. This is an ongoing project and will be updated further. Development takes a LOT of time, but we will get there.


Never overwrite the old version when updating. It could leave behind old textures, code, objects and other things that might ruin the new version. Simply delete or save the older folder in a new location and then extract the new files into your community folder. Thanks!

  • Added the governor trim (engine trim). You can now trim the engine manually by mapping the engine trim to buttons. The switch on the collective is not working since it’s not possible to programmatically change these values yet. Asobo is working on it. But at least it’s there to be mapped to buttons.
  • Added functionality to the spot/search light. There is a controller inside the cockpit to turn on/off and change the direction.
  • Added animation to the Cineflex camera. It will hold pitch and heading for a partial simulation.
  • Fixed exhaust heat blur effects.
  • Added occluders to the skids to simulating laying grass down.
  • Fixed rotors spinning with zero wind when shut down and rotor brake is off.
  • Fixed the tool tip for the throttle when governor is on/off. (max/idle)
  • Fixed the altimeter baro setting not being in sync with the sim. Both had to be synced together for now.
  • Fixed the incorrect airspeed gauge.
  • Fixed the incorrect vertical speed gauge.
  • Flight model and engine changes were made to reflect several real 500E pilots advice.
  • Several modeling, textures and coding additions/optimizations/fixes/tweaks.


MSFS 500E v1.0.1 – 02/02/20


Flight Model

Fixed some issues with the flight model according to feedback from pilots. The helicopter still flies with a slight low left skid. This is normal for hovering and slower flight but at speed things should level out. We will be working more with the flight model in the future.

Trim Ball

The trim ball is better but still not quite optimized for helicopters when using the correct code.

Emergency Fuel Cutoff

The red emergency fuel cutoff valve code was fixed. There was a bug with wrong values. Now that should work properly. Pushed in is open and pulled out is closed.


Some modeling adjustments were made like the air intake tube in the nose and other small details changed or fixed.

Ignition key

The ignition key needs to be on to run the starter now. Hopefully this does not trip anyone up. 🙂


The two cabin light switches and the lighting attached was changed. Now one is red and one is white and they are not so bright so you can use them at night. All the other lighting was gone through and optimized. Added some ambient light from the green panel lights. Fixed the skid nav lights with flex.

Skid occlusion

Added some occluders to the skids and new bear paws so the grass lays/smashes down when off pavement.

Effects Buttons

The two buttons above the cabin light toggles are now tied to rotor wash and engine heat blur effects. Pushing them will disable either respectively.

Added Liveries

15 new liveries were added to the package to make a total of 63 available.

  • Bear Paws added
  • Turned around the backward bench so the worker is on the left.
  • Added down wash effects
  • Added more sounds and adjusted the levels to Asobo standards.
  • Several minor bugs fixed and details added overall.

Thank you for the support,



MSFS 500E v1.00 – Initial Release 1/28/2023

This is an ongoing project and will be updated. Thank you for your support.