Easy Paint Kits with UV Maps

Paint kits are a great way to easily customize the look of your air-crafts on your own. This image is a sample of what a UV map looks like. With this special layer you can see exactly where the image is projected onto the model. Having most of the guesswork eliminated, you can spend more time painting and less time reloading to check your work. This is a really handy tool for a beginner and experts alike. Paint kits can be accessed in your customer account and can be downloaded at any time.

Liveries and Options

A few fictional paints ship with the 222UT v1.0 package. Laminar County Sheriff being one of them 😉

The sim community is a great place to grab some free real world liveries. Check out X-Plane.org and don’t be afraid to use the kits yourself!

Suggestions are 100% welcome and will be added to the do to list. All future liveries will always be free and available here:
Cowan Simulation @ X-Plane.org

Side Note: A medical / utility interior add-on package is being developed for future release.

Operators Manual and Documents

Every aircraft has a unique learning curve and the 222UT is no exception. Whether you’re a professional pilot and have experience with this helicopter, or just starting out, a manual is provided for reference. From checklists to start up and shutdown procedures, we have you covered. PDF manuals can be found within the aircraft’s main directory.

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