4k Physically Based Rendering Textures

4k PBR textures, or physically based rendering, provides realistic lighting that mimics the flow of light in the real world.

Custom 3D Modeled Instruments

Our models come with custom 3D instruments developed to a high standard with extensive custom coding to make them as realistic as possible.

Paint Kits & Liveries

Each model comes with several liveries and we also include detailed paint kits. The kits are provided in both GIMP and Adobe® Photoshop® formats. A UV map layer included in each file allows for easy and accurate repaints.

Animation & Sound

(Only X-Plane is FMOD – MSFS uses Wwise 🙂 ) Each model boasts a fully immersive dynamic sound set developed with FMOD. Sounds and animations work together with visual rotor-speed vibrational feedback, rattling, shaking, dynamic blade slap, rain effects and more.

Vibrant and Detailed Night Lighting

Our projects aim to have plenty of lights, inside and out, making night flights possible. From the landing lights to the cabin lighting, these helicopters really stand out at night.

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