CowanSim 222UT
for X-Plane 11®
VR & Vulkan API Ready

The 222UT v1.0.3, released on 8/10/2020, is continuously under development and will be updated for years to come. For development updates please follow the change-log.

Realistic Flight Dynamics

The 222UT was tested by real world helicopter pilots while being developed. The model has an authentic feeling while exploring the virtual world, thanks to the pilots and Laminar Research for developing a fantastic flight sim.

4k Physically Based Rendering Textures

4k PBR textures, or physically based rendering, provides the ability for very realistic lighting that mimics the flow of light in the real world. This model takes full advantage of X-Plane’s lighting with dynamic reflections and materials.

Custom 3D Modeled Instruments

Everyone loves a detailed and realistic looking cockpit. After all, that is where we spend most of our time in the sim, flying! The 3D instruments were developed to a high standard and are fully functional, with extensive custom coding to make it as realistic as possible.

A Nice Cozy Cabin

Sit back and relax in the cozy rear cabin and enjoy replays of your flight from a passenger’s perspective! Was it as comfortable and smooth as you thought it was from the pilot seat? This is especially interesting in VR and landing replays are the best. 🙂

Version 1.0 of the 222UT has a luxurious style and is in showroom condition. A medical / utility add-on package is currently being developed for future release.

Paint Kit
& Liveries

The 222UT comes with 20 liveries and we also included a detailed paint kit. The kit is provided in both GIMP and Adobe® Photoshop® formats. A UV map layer included in each file allows for easy and accurate repaints.

Vibrant and Detailed Night Lighting

X-Plane has wonderful night lighting. The 222UT project aimed to have plenty of lights, inside and out, making night flights possible. From the landing lights to the cabin lighting, this helicopter really stands out at night. There’s also a fully functional searchlight that is controlled on the collective in the cockpit or can be mapped to your hardware controls.

Animation & Sound

Thousands of lines of custom code make up animations & sounds. The fully immersive sound set was coded in SASL. Sounds and animations work together with visual rotor-speed vibrational feedback, rattling, shaking and dynamic blade slap to name a few.

Reality XP GTN 750 Integration

The Reality XP GTN 750 is fully integrated into the cockpit. This was released with the very first update since it was requested by many simmers. Reality XP GTN 750 Touch is the genuine simulated device used by flight simulation enthusiasts navigating the virtual skies as well as real world pilots for familiarization with the device. This add-on is a payware add-on and you can purchase it here: Reality XP

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