The Cowan Simulation
MSFS 206B3 Project

MSFS 206B3 v1.0.3 – 4/28/2023

If something you requested or reported was not fixed or added then don’t worry. This is an ongoing project and will be updated further. Development takes a LOT of time, but we will get there.


Never overwrite the old version when updating. It could leave behind old textures, code, objects and other things that might ruin the new version. Simply delete or save the older folder in a new location and then extract the new files into your community folder. Thanks!

  • Added the governor trim (engine trim). You can now trim the engine manually by mapping the engine trim to buttons. The switch on the collective is not working since it’s not possible to programmatically change these values yet. Asobo is working on it. But at least it’s there to be mapped to buttons.
  • Added functionality to the spot/search light. There is a controller inside the cockpit to turn on/off and change the direction.
  • Adjusted trim sensitivity.
  • Added options in weight and balance settings to remove the doors.
  • Added click spots to the exterior door handles.
  • Fixed rotors spinning with zero wind when shut down and rotor brake is off.
  • Added animation to the Cineflex camera. It will hold pitch and heading for a partial simulation.
  • Fixed exhaust heat blur effects and added buttons to hide exhaust or down wash effects.
  • Added occluders to the skids to simulating laying grass down.
  • Fixed reg number for the default livery.
  • Added sounds to some switches that were missing sounds.
  • Added trim release buttons on the cyclic.
  • The start sound in multiplayer mode should be gone now.
  • Flight model and engine changes were made to reflect several real 206B3 pilots advice.
  • Several modeling, textures and coding additions/optimizations/fixes/tweaks.


MSFS 206B3 v1.02 – 1/16/20


  • ADF needle is now working in GPS mode
  • Beacon light fixed and some other lighting tweaks
  • Radar altimeter fixed: tone and light when decision height is reached and fully functional
  • Now able to hide the headsets individually
  • Headset roll animations
  • Added option for female pilot: Select through “MSFS General Options” then “MISC”. Select “Pilot 2” for female OR “Pilot 1” for male.
  • New copilot model added. Activate in “Weight and Balance” settings by adding 100+ to copilot weight.
  • Added down wash effects: dust/sand/dirt/water
  • Several flight model tweaks
  • HSI slave/free flux gate switch that was missing was added along with full functionality and indicator animation.
  • Smoothed out jagged edges on modeling: center window column, switches, door seals and frames, windows and many other parts.
  • Added missing sounds for the G430 and other small things
  • New camera settings provided by BelGeode (Drew Bolton) – Thanks!
  • Updated several textures and fine details with PBR
  • Got the trim ball working but still a little off. For some reason the default code does not like helicopters much.
  • Known issues:
  • Still need needle split for RPM N2 and Nr
  • When full sun and at certain angles pixelated shadows may appear
  • TOT not simulating correctly. Slow rise on start and incorrect values when running.
  • Hardware throttle impossible to turn of governor after triggered, this prevents rolling down the throttle with hardware after the governor kicks in. You have to use a mouse or VR controller by rolling to max and then rolling down. This is top of the list to get fixed with the next update. Thankfully we don’t fly with the throttle in helicopters, that is what the governor is for. But this is still important to us and will be fixed immediately after a solution is found.

Thank you for the support,



MSFS 206B3 v1.01 – 12/27/2022

Paint Kit

A paint kit was added to the main folder and includes GIMP and Photoshop files for the fuselage paint and a COMP texture with gloss, matte and metallic PBR.


The LED lights that can be controlled with the knob on the upper right of the panel were eating FPS. There were too many lights included in the model. All were removed but 2 and this gives the same effect if not better. The emissive lighting of the LEDs looks the same. This will gain you some FPS.


13 liveries were updated because they were missing their PBR material COMP texture that changes certain painted parts to metallic, matte or glossy.

Minor Fixes

There were several other minor fixes applied. The TOT issue, RPM gauge issue, hardware throttle binding and several other things will be fixed with time and in sync with Asobo updates.


MSFS 206B3 v1.00 – Initial Release 12/23/2022

This is an ongoing project and will be updated. Thank you for your support.