The Cowan Simulation
MSFS H125 Project

MSFS H125 (AS350B3e) v1.0.2 – 05/03/2023

If something you requested or reported was not fixed or added then don’t worry. This is an ongoing project and will be updated further. Development takes a LOT of time, but we will get there.


Never overwrite the old version when updating. It could leave behind old textures, code, objects and other things that might ruin the new version. Simply delete or save the older folder in a new location and then extract the new files into your community folder. Thanks!

  • Fixed an issue with the anti-torque pedals that caused the RPM to rise extremely when the anti-torque pedals were pushed to the max, or close. The issue was too much pitch available along with inaccurate angle of attack values causing the blades to stall.
  • Fixed the center of gravity out of whack in the weight and balance settings window.
  • Added functionality to the spot/search light. There is a controller inside the cockpit to turn on/off and change the direction.
  • Fixed several liveries missing the materials for metallic paint.
  • Fixed the height and pitch of the model when first loading into the sim.
  • Fixed the white tail navigation light that was misplaced in the model along with the node to cast light and the emissive mesh.
  • Fixed the battery switch flaw that was causing the avionics switch to be inverted. When the switch was set to emergency shed then the avionics switch was reversed. To eliminate the issue the battery switch was changed to a two way on/off switch without emergency shed.
  • When loading cold and dark the avionics switch is now defaulted to off.
  • Fixed the mapping (again) for the side basket. Painters can change the color of the basket texture now.
  • Fixed the emergency fuel valve click spot and logic.
  • Fixed the incorrect vertical speed indicator.
  • Fixed the doors open sound when using the weight and balance window to remove the doors.
  • Flattened out the mirrors to get a better reflection. There is still an issue, kind of. The mirrors have to be perpendicular to the camera unlike in the real world where they would be at an angle. So the stationary (upper) mirror was remodeled to an exactly upright position, otherwise you would only see the ground and that is just a blob of the ground color, which is boring to look at. That’s as good as they get for now.
  • Added a lower mirror adjustment hat switch to the cyclic.
  • Flight model and engine changes were made to reflect several real H125 pilots advice.
  • Several modeling, textures and coding additions/optimizations/fixes/tweaks.


MSFS H125 (AS350B3e) v1.0.1 – 04/07/2023
Flight Model

Made some requested changes to the flight model. All taken from real pilots of the helicopter. There are still issues like the translating tendency. When hovering and at low speeds the right skid sits low and that is normal due to translating tendency. But at higher speeds things should level off. About 2-3 degrees roll is needed to stay course right now. The skid low is sticking and still trying to work that out without changing other flight dynamics at the same time. When more tools become available for the flight model then this will be fixed. We need variances in incidence along with the ability to change flight surfaces locations laterally. Other values are still incorrect, like TOT simulation among other small details. Things will only improve with time.


Added the scroll functionality to be able to scroll to the start page when above 60% N1. The page on the top screen with the TOT, N1 and TRQ. Fixed the N1 needle. The N1 needle values are 67-101% and the digits below it are 0-100%. That is why you don’t see the needle move when starting and the FLI page pops up at 60% N1.

Governor Trim

Added the governor trim (engine trim). You can now trim the engine manually by mapping the engines trim to buttons. 380-400 Nr. This should be automatic but it’s not possible to programmatically change these values yet. Asobo is working on it. But at least it’s there.


Changed the shape and size of the panel hood. Remolded the battery/switch panel to fix modeling errors. Fixed/refined modeling throughout.

Fixed the Heat Blur

The heat blur was not showing so now it’s fixed. You can hide the effect, along with the down-wash effects, by using the two buttons on the lower right of the panel.


The invisible occluders that hide, or push down, the grass under the skids and bear paws now hide when in water. The issue was a box looking cutout when in water. All better now.

Engine Starting

The engine would not start properly after shutting it down, but only if you started the flight with the engine running already. Fixed.


Fixed the warning tones for over Nr and under Nr. Intermittent and steady. 285hz and 310hz. Added gong when pushing fire test button. Adjusted some sounds.

Blurred Tail Rotor

Fixed the blurred but shiny tail rotor that looked odd.

Side Basket

For the painters out there, the side basket material was wrong so you could not change the color of the basket. All better.

Known Issues
  • The skid low when at speed
  • Throttle still cannot be mapped
  • COMP textures for some liveries need to be added. (roughness/metallic/PBR)

I’m still working on updates for this and all other projects, so expect news soon.

Thank you for the support,



MSFS H125 v1.00 – Initial Release 3/22/2023

This is an ongoing project and will be updated. Thank you for your support.