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Intended for personal home use only.

Current Versions:

X-Plane 11: v2.60 (02/04/22)
X-Plane 12: v2.60 (05/23/23)

System Requirements:

X-Plane 11 (Up to date)
Windows, Mac or Linux (Up to Date)
Intel Core i5-8400 or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or better (4 GB minimum)
16GB of system memory (8 GB minimum)
Disk Space: 1 GB


  • 2K & 4K versions
  • Luxury & Medical Interiors
  • FMOD sound pack
  • Window Rain Effects
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11.50’s Vulkan API
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality
  • AviTab Integration
  • RXP GTN 750 Integration
  • Customizable Panel Configurations
  • Realistic Flight Dynamics
  • Tested by Real Pilots
  • 4K PBR Textures
  • Custom 3D instruments
  • Passenger Cabin Modeled
  • 20 Liveries
  • Vibrant and Detailed Night Lighting
  • Blade Slap and Vibrations
  • xLua for Systems and Animation
  • SASL v3.12.1 for Custom Plugins

Future updates will be available as development continues.

Please follow the Changelog.

Thank you for your support!

1 review for 222UT for X-Plane

  1. Josh Simon (verified owner)

    I used to be an FTO in LE and find it hard to rate something five stars because there is always room for improvement. Not in this case. While the 222 projects will surely evolve and improve over time you simply can’t ask for a better package than this. While I don’t have any specific love affair for the 222 Josh Cowan has produced an amazing detailed module that looks and sounds great. He’s one of the most active helicopter developers in X-Plane and is very approachable and open to critique. He’s also extremely skilled at addressing bugs and improvements with his products and providing detailed change logs. I bought the 222UT not realizing you had to pay a little extra for the B (wheeled variant) that would come later. Looking back now I would have gladly paid more for both just to support this developer. The helicopters look and sound great and fly about as well as any other decent module can within the confines of xplane physics. I only hope Josh does more modules in the future because Cowan SImulation is quickly becoming a top name in helicopter flight sim for me.

    • Cowan Simulation (verified owner)

      Josh, I always appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much for this review. It really means a lot to me.

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